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holiday's with charlotte

22 February, 2011

with yesterday's holiday and some sunshine, i went out for a ride with dear charlotte. it's been a while since i took her for a spin in our new city. it's such a different feel whenever i ride her, it's slower of course, as she is a cruiser, but she handles these roads with ease as if they were made for her. we don't mind that till wendy is out of the shop later this week. it certainly was nice having a day off from everything and to be able to enjoy conversations with friends, the fresh air, and patches of sunshine, we even stopped by italy! (jk, hence the mural photo) i'm not sure how the rest of this week is going to be but all i know is charlotte will be along for the rides, rain or shine. hope she can handle it. 

how did you spend your presidents day?
Anonymous said...

Those yellow tights are so cheerful! Love them :) I should add colour to my tights collection too!

cb said...

oh glad charlotte got a taste of your new city! i love the mural! where is that?

i spent the day making bike hats...do you know if homespun has bike hats..i am sure they do..let me know...when i down with a bunch i want to ride over there and hit them up!


citygirlrides said...

@LC, i have way too many leggings! they're my pants and i love wearing them in all colors, they cheer up my day and outfit. get on it girl!

@cb, the mural is right by Homespun. isn't it amazing?! i know Homespun does sell hats from a local artist but just try anyways! you have such a unique craft! i have to stop by tomorrow so i'll put in a good word for you <3

kitten roar said...

i wish i lived in a town where "cruising" was something that could happen. my bike is a cruiser and i give it a real work out on the streets of chicago.

Anonymous said...

oh hay there scwhinn twin! I'm beyond jelly that you got the day off - but so happy that you enjoyed every moment of it :-) xoxo

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