i get by with a little help of the sun

happy hump day! anyone else enjoyed yesterdays sunshine in the bay area! yesterday i snapped these photos as i was riding to the lake merritt japanese garden where one of my assignments was to sketch the it. it was a perfect day to spend time in a garden, being inspired by nature and thoughts, sketching is now becoming one of my favorite pass times. speaking of creative, i've noticed in the blogosphere that a lot of ladies out there have been writing about their sketch books. on my part, i have two, one for sketch assignments and one for inspirations. i find that they really help me to organize ideas. once i get those babies all spruced up i'll be happy to share. any other bike ladies out there like to sketch too? 


cb said...

yes yesterday was wonderful and so nice to get back on my bike and ride, yay! yes i have a sketch book and love using it! i am going to show some of my sketches next week i think! that is if i get my act together! hehehe


Brandi said...

I can't wait to buy my first bike...might have to get a sketch book at the same time.

citygirlrides said...

@cb, i know what you mean lady. did you hear that it's suppose to snow friday! fancy that! a little scary to think it will too.

@brandi, are you looking now? what kind of bike? i'm so excited for you! and i'm excited about the sketch book too!!

Brandi said...
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Brandi said...
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