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24 February, 2011

Over in the twitter lands there are always some really interesting conversations about bicycles (you can follow me to get in the know.) here are just a few fun facts being shared around this week.

A few new readers have been asking for tips on shopping for a new bike. although i don't have a personal post to refer you to ( i will soon!). But I have a friend, CB, who will guide you on shopping for the perfect bike for you. Check out her post here first, then read her other post here.

The darling Bianca over at good night little spoon did a personal feature of her and her adorable pink bike, inspired by yours truly. i just adore her!

bay area, did you know that INNA Jam delivers their super delicious jam (best jam ever) by bike? i'm always fascinated by by entrepedalers! read more about the maker here.

earlier this week i was forwarded an interesting read about biking commuting conflicts, i'm sure many of us can relate to many of these incidents. a bit of a read so get cozy.

just a heads up, the next san francisco bike party is themed favorite females. who will you go as? i'm thinking a literary character or novelist of course. it'll be a surprise!

i'm in hearts with this video created by Kenyan teenagers about bicycles and the environment in the slums, check it here. something that really stood out was that a group of kids in the slums of Nairobi suggest using bicycles instead of cars!

other non bicycle related link love... since i've mentioned my new favorite pass time on sketch booking yesterday, i've found that a few of you love to sketch too. some of my inspirations are here, here, and here.

a few reasons why i started doing link love posts is because i constantly find interesting stories and inspiration through other's riding experiences. i hope you do too. 
Brandi said...

Thanks for sharing the links. By the way I adore your blog, it is a wonderful resource for all things bike related :)

citygirlrides said...

aw, your welcome, i only hope that your inspired by it all. i love your blog too. it brings me warm memories of living in the city. if you need any more resources or help, i'd love to send some your way.

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