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no riding on rainy days

21 February, 2011

so what's a girl to do when she can't enjoy the sunshine cause it's pouring outside? well, saturday was real bummer cause it was pouring so i decided to take Wendy in for a tune up. it's time she had a real check up cause she's been a little squeaky since i've been riding her in the rain a lot this past week. after i dropped her off for her tune up i decided to walk around in the rain. with proper gear on i got some coffee, got a book to read, went home and baked cookies, crafted, watched a movie then feel asleep listening to the rain. it's lovely knowing that as soon as i pick up Wendy from the shop she's going to be ready for some more rides without being in squeaky pain.

also, i'm sure some of you know about the Slow Readers Book Club, i think it's still on for Finny, i just started reading it and hoping to have some interesting chats regarding the novel. hope you all had a lovely weekend!
cb said...

rainy days are good for catch up and being at home all warm and snugly! sounds like a great day and glad you got wendy fixed!!

have you heard what the next sf bike party is!?!!?! i am so excited! i am going to dress up as frida!!


citygirlrides said...

omg, that's just perfect lady! i would have gone as her as she is my obsession too but i'm opting for either simone de beauvoir or bjork. not sure yet... i'd have to make a swan dress for bjork and i'm sure i can pull something from my closet easily for simone. we'll see till then!

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