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24 February, 2011

after school yesterday i had an impulse to explore, but i decided to do things a little differently: explore by  walking. that's right kids, no bike. well, i started my morning a little different by first painting my nails. as a cyclist and coffee slinger, i don't have the best fingernails for cute looks, my hands are worn from my hard work with coffee grinds and bicycle grease in my nails so i used a dark color so the stains hid well. then voila! purple sparkly nails! post school, i started my way home then decided that i didn't want to ride my bike out, so i started wondering and found some beautiful and interesting sights in the pointing finger photos above. after a long walk, i was inspired by new sights, neighborhoods, people, and odd structures that made me think a little differently. i wrote later in my sketchbook, "instead of riding my bike, i walked everywhere. sometimes you just need a new perspective." walking was exactly what i needed. do you do anything differently to gain a "new perspective?"
cb said...

great pictures! i love them and your nails :D

yes i thinking walking is a great way to get new perspective...makes you slow down.


Srsly Liz said...

You are so pretty muh dear! Love these shots.

SM said...

I biked today at noon time, but I also walked a little strolling with my bike while drinking a cup of coffee :). I like your sketching ideas and I hope to post some of my sketches one day soon.

Aayesha said...

I totally agree, girl! Yesterday was one of the first warm days here in Boston, and I was cursing myself for not dusting off my bike and taking her out for a ride. But on my long way back to the subway station, I stumbled upon this new cafe called Voltage: Coffee and Art. It has awesome coffee, work by local artists, bright and colorful walls, and perfect people-watching sidewalk windows. Perfect new study space! Yay for the occasional walk!

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