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18 February, 2011

i have to share that yesterday i had the worst experience riding in the rain. even those of us whose had lots of experience can't be all pretty bike photos. i had a long day starting at 6:30 am with a dry commute to work. there was a meeting i had to walk to after work that soaked me up to my thighs, it was windy and raining hard! not even water resistant shoes can fight this. for the two hour meeting i sat quietly without a complaint in my soaked shoes, mind you my feet were cold too. after the meeting i had to make it to class, still soaked. post class i had to ride home in the worst rain storm ever! i thought i would make a dry ride but as soon as i started walking to my bike, pouring rain and wind! it was cold and i was in no mood to ride home this way but i did. by the time i got home i was soaked everywhere! everywhere! use your imagination, that rain knows how to make it's way places it shouldn't. rain proof gear wasn't enough to beat this either. when i got home i rushed out of my wet clothes and put myself in front of the heater. i started to feel sick with a sore throat and  migraine. the boy made me eat a little then i fell asleep for the next 12 hours. i woke up feeling much better than i did and didn't catch a cold or flu. i hope nobody ever experiences this. those of us whom love our bikes through heat, rain, and snow know our limits. this weekend will most likely be bike easy. i don't think i could put my body through anymore rain rides.

i hope everyone has a lovely weekend and gets in some good dry rides.

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