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reflections: bikes and life

07 February, 2011

no matter how unaware we are of it, bikes make a huge difference in our lives and cities. since i've gotten on two wheels i've made major changes in my life like picking up a second major in urban studies. for me this is a big deal, i've been studying english literature during my college career (and continue to do so) but i've always wanted to participate in something that was influential with cities and bicycling . i guess when you actually see how cycling can effect your own life for good, you're inspired to make it so for everyone and perhaps make it better, that's the point of utilizing this space of a blog. at the core i'm a literature nerd and can talk about poetry and technical writing for days but on the active part of me i love sustainable practices in all walks of life. it's just a huge part of me that is greatly affected by riding a bike. have you ever thought of the ways your bike has changed your life?
cb said...

oh yes of course! we recycle more then we used too and know have compost!


Bianca J said...

words cannot explain the excitement i felt when stumbling upon your blog today (via you being a follower of mine). i'm in blog love!

i work at a supermarket and ride my bike to work every day (i don't have a car. or want one) and a customer came up to me and said "bianca, i wanted to have a talk with you" and i thought "uho!" and she said she sees my bike parked outside my work every day and admires it and asked my boss who it belonged to and she wanted to know if she could interview me for the local newspaper for a new feature on bicycle riders around my city - i thought you would appreciate how sweet that was!

i look forward to avidly following your blog! i wish my bike and i could ride around san fran! :)

ps. i have a feeling i'm going to get one of those crocheted skirt guards you posted about - too good!

city girl rides said...

that's just great bianca! i swear, riding a bike has opened so many doors for me and many of my
friends. i can't wait for you to share the interview! please keep me posted about it.

and i love your blog too! i'm a huge letter lover and would like to get in the habit of using all the stationary i have. perhaps i'll send you a letter soon! if you decide to crochet a skirt guard, keep me posted on that too!

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