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things i never ride without

28 February, 2011

it may seem a little silly to write about things i don't dare ride without but i thought it would be useful for new riders to learn what is useful for an everyday ride. mind you, this is only for short distance rides for groceries, school, work etc, less than 10 miles. of course i always bring my helmet, sun glasses (good for sensitive eyes to sunshine and wind, good for those with eye allergies too), something reflective for visibility at night (here a reflective helmet bow), coat and scarf, rosebud salve (my lip/hand saver on cold dry days), always colorful leggings for visibility (wool for the cold days), fingerless/mitten/gloves (multiple use for not so cold/cold days), bike lights of course (my favorite being cateye lights, lasting batteries), a water bottle (that i forgot to photo), and a u-lock and keys. what are some things you never bike without?

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