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todays reason to bicycle

02 February, 2011

todays reason to bicycle: explore your city.

one of my goals in moving to the east bay is to explore. since my move here things have been a little hectic with commuting, starting a new semester, raising a puppy, getting comfortable in our new home, riding the road and learning how abide by this cities rules. one of my goals this week is to explore more of Oakland and it's bicycle culture. it has an abundance of cyclists, activists, bike shops, and bike craftsman. i'm excited to gain a new perspective of the other side of the bay and hope to build a view that is supportive to it's community and culture. so here's to todays reason to bicycle, explore your city.
Lisa said...

I love that first photo, it's amazing!

city girl rides said...

lisa! i stumbled on your blog from your comment and i like you. i'm following now.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog!

<3 Madelyn

Dottie said...

Beautiful photos!

Cycling sure is the best way to explore a new city. I've gotten to know Chicago so much better since I started cycling. Before then, I really only knew the subway routes, not the streets. :)

SM said...

Lovely photos! That's what I love about cycling; taking the bike out and exploring. Your blog is lovely too!

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