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todays reason to bicycle

10 February, 2011

todays reason to bicycle: take your bike for a picnic.
as an urban studies student i am required to take architecture design classes and do a lot of sketches of buildings or really anything i'm attracted to by it's design quality. that's the great thing about riding around all the time, i get to see things that i would never have noticed if i wasn't outside observing through the roads i ride. regularly i do this about 3 times a week so i'm constantly observing my environment. some ways i like to utilize the space i'm observing is by taking a picnic with my bike, food, a sketchbook, and classical music to listen to while i let the environment and building take me on it's journey. 
cb said...

one of my favorite things to do...bike ride and a picinic!


Dottie said...

I WANT SUMMER! Until then, I'll live vicariously through you and your beautiful bicycle picnics. :) Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

citygirlrides said...

aw dottie, the ground hog promised us spring early this year so hopefully he'll keep his promise and spring will be in chicago before you know it.

Laura said...

I can't wait for the spring when i can take my bike for a picnic too!

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