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back on the road

16 March, 2011

after a grueling two weeks of exams and work, i'm back and excited to bring you some recent adventures! with spring break around the corner, a good friend of mine and i are going on a mini bike tour here in cali, preferebly the coast! who knows but we are going with open minds and enthusiastic pedaling legs to get us through a couple of days of more school and work! i'll be posting a couple of routes, preps, and a few tips to encourage interaction on helping us prep for our trip. if you have any experiences and any tips on cycle touring through coastal california, please inform me, this is my first bike tour. i'm doing this in major prep of my summer bike tour in France, so many more bike tours will have to happen here.

i've missed everyone and welcome new followers to pedal along with me. anyone have interesting stories to share? would love to hear!
John Romeo Alpha said...

Glad that you're back out on the road, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on two wheels!

adventure! said...

You're going to do a Coastal California bike tour? GREAT!

I rode between Tillamook, Oregon (80 miles west of Portland) to Cambria, Calif. (about 30 miles from SLO) in Sept-Oct 2006. It was a lot of fun! And I love giving out pointers on touring!

Where exactly will you go on the tour?

And if you want, I can send you a copy of my "Cycle Touring Primer" if you gave me a mailing address. You can email me at urbanadventureleague [at] gmail [dot] com

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