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bike tour/camp destination

23 March, 2011

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all has been decided on our destination for our bike tour. we decided on Samuel P. Taylor State Park. as far as i have researched they have a bike trail, camp sites, and facilities to meet our needs. we will be staying for two nights, pitching a tent, sleeping bags, camp fire, and smores for good times.

i've been going through some other cyclists blogs about their journey from SF to SPT SP and found that it is a pretty easy going bike ride for starters. we are starting from SF to SPT which is about 30 miles North of SF. easily accessible by bike, ferry, or bus, we opted for bike for the experience. it seems to be moderately challenging, with only two formidable hills to climb but i really hope to make the most out of it. once we get there, there is a campground that is situated along Sir Francis Drake Blvd. between Fairfax and Pt. Reyes Station tucked into a nice bit of forest. luckily for us, we do not require reservations since it is during a weekday, only at $3 per person. plus they have an entire area designated for bicycle campers surrounded by Redwood trees, complete with fire pits, picnic tables, and boxes to safely store your food from critters.

now knowing of my destination and route, i feel more confident to take this on and rest reassuringly that we got this. can't wait!
adventure! said...

Cool! I passed by it on my bike tour, looked like a nice place.

What bike are you going to be touring on?

Missy said...

Have fun on the bike tour.



citygirlrides said...

@adventure, i'm taking my road bike. she's going into shop tomorrow to get all spruced up for the tour. i hope she can with stand it. i've taken it on a 25 mile ride before and had no problem but then again, i wasn't carrying luggage. btw, did you receive my email?

adventure! said...

Hey City Girl--No, doesn't look like I got yr email! Try to send it again!
(or leave a comment on my blog)

cb said...

yay! hope you had a blast! we were going to go for the mister's birthday last year but it was pouring out so we didn't make the trip but it will be our first camping trip we do this year, we just have to plan a weekend to do it!

cant wait to hear all about it!


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