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03 March, 2011

my new favorite bike shop Homespun Bikes is having a fantastical week! they are organizing to help build knowledge of bicycles and community by presenting A BikeShare Camp tonight at the Leaning Tower of Pizza and a Clothing Swap Saturday evening (details in photo above). i'm really stoked to attend these events as Jesse has been one of the first persons to welcome me with open arms in her and her partners little bike shop. oh yeah, i'm also having her as a guest on the blog soon too. i'll be attending both events if you're interested in them, i'm sure i'll find some interesting stories and knowledge to share with you guys, so stay tuned!
cb said...

the camp presentation sounds great! i really need to visit homespun and have been meaning to but the mister and i really really want to go on a bike ride this weekend and get some good old exercise! but the clothing swamp doesn't start until 6..hmmm might need to check it out! maybe bring my hats...or just the 2 i have finished :D

see you tomorrow!!!! yayayayayayay...bike party!


citygirlrides said...

i'm a little bummed i won't actually be able to go to the bike party. i have to work! grr. but i'm hoping to make it to homespun clothing swap saturday. should be good fun. hopefully i'll see you there.

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