as much as i like to think that we are all aware of our social responsibility to each other, i can't help but speak up about what i see in how our lives distract us from the realities that exist around us. as we continue to speak up about Japan and it's devastating situation, i only ask that people take part in giving to Japan's cause. the situation is getting worse, people don't have basic needs like food, clothing, water, and shelter to help them survive their lost's. the list goes on but if we can do anything as individuals or communities to offer aid through different means, be creative, and do it out of honest kindness.

i know today is bloggers day of silence, but i have a hard time with silence, especially when i feel like no one is listening and doing anything. and as much as i can donate, i can voice the needs of the Japanese. this situation does not only affect them but it affects every political, social, environmental, and economical aspect of how Japan will recover there and abroad.

so, in any little way, give, for Japan,
with love.

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slow rpm said...

Well said,CGR.


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