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the joys of cycling

21 March, 2011

i don't like spending my days staring at a screen, i prefer to stare at the sun. my break away from the interwebs was a combination of detoxing from the information overload i get on a daily basis, as well as a means to reconnect with the life i have away from it. school, work, raising a puppy, writing this blog, managing my relationships, and being active in my community has given me a full time life. nothing about it is boring, it's just that i'm so BUSY! one of the many reasons why i love riding my bike is to get a breath of fresh air, away from being indoors at school and work, it's healthy, good for the soul, mind, and body. there are so many reasons to get on a bike for outdoor pleasure but the benefits we receive are immense. for example, cycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise, it builds strength and muscle tone, also increases it, builds stamina, improves cardio fitness, it eats up calories, improves coordination, reduces stress, improves digestion, lung function, and joint flexibility, promotes longevity, and weight management. some of the joys of cycling are immense but riding a bike instead of staring at a screen is by far the one of the greatest. one great lesson i learned on this break is awareness. awareness that this is our life, do what we love, do it often, and share it with others.
Dottie said...

Well said!

Now I need to step away from the mac book, change out of my jammies and get biking to work. :)

kitten roar said...

i agree with so much of this. yesterday i had a day off, so i spent a few hours riding around my neighborhood and popping into local spots. not only was it nice to cruise slowly around the 'hood, but i also gained a new appreciation for the small businesses in my neighborhood. there are so many awesome joys to riding bikes :)

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