bike blocking

21 April, 2011

yesterday while running my errands to my local grocery shop i was faced with this dilemma above. the entire bike rack was blocked and surrounded by grocery carts. not is it only inconsiderate of people to assume that placing shopping carts around bike racks is ok, it's just flat out ignorant to place them in a spot that's not a shopping cart drop off zone. i'm sure drivers wouldn't appreciate it if i put them in a parking spot. instead of getting my revenge, i neatly placed them all in a zone that didn't block cars, bikes, or motorcycles. i took a picture of the mess and requested to talk to the manager of the grocery shop. i shared the photos and brought it their attention that the carts were blocking bike and motorcycle parking and were piling up and that i kindly moved them. perhaps they need to delegate shopping cart pick ups more efficiently, or perhaps they could place a big sign that says "no shopping carts" around bike parking. we'd all be happy right? a little parking lot planning can go a long way to make things more efficient in this particular zone but i'm sure that can be applied to many other dilemma's we face on the road on a daily basis.
cb said...

yes that is very annoying but i have to least there was a bike hayward i can count the # of bike racks on my one hand! it is so crazy and so unfair that there are millions of parking spaces and none for bikes!


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