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bike tour: friends

04 April, 2011

friends, they make the difference on the road. being the adventurous girl i am, i wanted to bring some of my adventurous bike buddies whom i knew would enjoy this small trip. my guests was my partner in crime Jessica, and my hilarious charming boy Mikey. two people i couldn't imagine this ride without. most of the time some of us felt like stopping and walking our bikes uphill when things got tough. we got lost a few times by google's ambiguous map directions, but thank goodness for google maps app for blackberry, we made it. with the sun on our back, the miles taking a toll on our legs, we were more excited to see what lied in front of us, taking stops here and there to explore our environments, take photos, and try yummy food. i had a professor tell me before i left that it's not speed or destination that counts but the ride along the way. i find these experiences with friends to be bonding and precious when you are allowed to see each other in your most happy and vulnerable states. the stories, the laughter, the encouragement you give goes a long way in making a bike tour an amazing experience. i say grab your loved one and go for a long ride anywhere. just do it and be willing to challenge each other and yourself to do the impossible and try new things. you'll never regret it.

i'll be updating little by little about the bike tour. i have a long week of school work ahead but i'll do my best to share our stories. hope you all have a lovely week!
cb said...

yes having friends to ride with is the best! i will always remember our bike journeys to angel island! can't wait to hear more!


kitten roar said...

looks like a fun trip! my boy and i have been trying to find places not far from downtown chicago to travel to on our bikes to get away from the city for a bit!

Anonymous said...

Well said! I just got a new bike, but I'm keeping my old one as a spare so that my bike-less friends can come ride with me!

citygirlrides said...

@cb, i'm planning out a trip to angel island in two weeks! should be just a day trip but i'm stoked, any recommendations?

@kitten roar, have you check out Adventure Cycling Association? they can help you find places and routes to plan your trip.

@jessicacassity, always a good idea to have a spare, for friends or just in case one needs a check up.

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