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bike touring around the bay

01 April, 2011

back when Homespun Bikes hosted a Bike Share Camp event, there was an adorable couple that spoke about their adventures on bike throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. in there presentation they had shared with us a project that took bloom when they started to quest their way throughout the bay and started up Post-Car Adventuring, a guide for bicycle camping and riding in the Bay Area. since we bought their guidebook, the boy and i started making plans based on their guides, very handy for those who want to get away from the city and just venture out on a reasonable budget, sounds like many of us right? well, if you're interested in embarking on a local journey on bike for a weekend you can buy the guide book on their website for a reasonable price. i find the guide full of information about using county bus systems, riding public transit systems, and destination guides to making your trip adventurous, very helpful.

i'm sure many of you bay area peeps will be venturing out this weekend with all the beautiful weather we've been having.

oh, and is anyone in the bay area taking on the 30 days of biking challenge? if you are please please please let me know! i would love some of you to share your stories on the blog about the challenges you face and overcome. today marks the first day of it, and as much as i like the idea of a challenge, knowing i bike practically everyday, i think i might give myself some greater challenges during this time. we shall see!

have a great weekend!

cb said...

that is a book we will most definitely have to buy! thanks for sharing, i can't wait to get my hands on it!!

are you going tonight?

hope to see you and hear about her bike adventure!


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