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busy bicycle bee

26 April, 2011

with being busy and all, i'm still pedal pushing around the bay. got to enjoy some sunshine and a little sketch book action with some free time i had yesterday. i miss being here to interact with you all. although the semester is almost done there is so much to do! i'm now starting my plans to paris, two more months! i can't wait! i really just need to find me a bike to rent for 3 weeks then i'm set.

btw, how's everyone doing? as soon as i get these projects done i plan on bringing back the "why we ride series" from some of your female bike bloggers. if any of you are interested in being featured let me know, i would love to share your story.
Brandi said...

So jealous that you are going to Paris! Granted I have been there twice but I would love to go back and and ride through the country.

Anonymous said...

So jealous you are heading off to Paris it will be so lovely, have you looked to see if the Velib will be an alternative to renting a bike? If you can't find a rental it might get you out of a jam?
If you are looking for riders for your "why we ride" series I'd be keen to share?

happyd said...


I organize a monthly girls' only ride in Toronto, Canada and would love to be featured in 'Why We Ride' ... perhaps we can do an exchange and I could do an interview with you for my ride blog?


citygirlrides said...

@rocketfuelstyle and @happyd, would love to have you as guests! send me you're email addresses so I can fill you in on the details of the post please, citygirlrides@gmail.com

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