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happy friday riders!

29 April, 2011

happy friday kids. this week went by incredibly fast and i'm so glad it did. super busy! i have some really exciting plans to have fun this weekend and ride around the city. my first stop is tonight for a show where my partner in bike crime and i are going to ride and dance to some good old rock and roll. tomorrow i'll make a fun stop at the museum, the legion of honor. they have an artist by the name of Isabell de Borchgrave who is showing her exhibition of costumes and elaborate dresses made of paper. i've been hearing a lot of rage about this exhibition and i'm finally getting myself out there, by bike. lot's of good things happening this weekend, what will you be doing on your bike? 
cb said...

your plans sound great! i to will be running errands in the east bay by bike :D and yes the 62 mile ride in lodi...gonna be an experience! can't wait to share!


Diana said...

hope you had a blast at the exhibit, sounds fun. love your outfit, perfect for a ride!

Our Youth said...

How cute x

Anonymous said...

Looking always lovely m'dear :D x

Ale' said...

I love your pictures. What kind of camera do you use to take them?

citygirlrides said...

thanks ladies!

@ale, i actually use my phone most of the time when i'm on bike, as long as there is good lighting i can get a clear picture. here's a little secret most of us bloggers use for our pictures, edit. i use picnik since it's easier for me. try it out.

Ale' said...

Thanks so much for that tip! I just checked out picnik and I love it!

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