panda legs and solo local ride

06 April, 2011

ladies, riding at the speed of light, hauling uphill, and riding like a badass lady on a bike pays off, happy bike legs for days. here is day 5 of #30daysofbiking, yesterday we were supposed to ride without shoes but my pedals don't like bare feet. the cause was in line with Tom's One Day Without Shoes, a very worthy cause. on a daily basis i ride about 10 miles between work, home, and school between Oakland, Berkeley, and SF. this is my routine 4-5 days out of the week and i love it with shoes.

day 6 challenge:
Location: Bike Shop
Description: Every Wednesday in April is the Solo Local ride, where you venture off on your own to your favorite local establishment—by bike! This week, route your way to your local bike shop. Huzzah for local business! Use the hashtag #sololocal in addition to #30daysofbiking.
Start Time: It's up to you

happy day 6 of #30daysofbiking!

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