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20 April, 2011

hey lovelies, sorry for being so m.i.a. recently. it's almost the end of the semester and things are beginning to get a little hectic with projects and lecture series. i try my hardest to keep readers and followers updated via twitter but my attempts are very little and well let's just say it's good to get back on the good blog. with so much chaos in our world life doesn't need to get any more chaotic, there are beautiful things to be grateful for and loved ones to share them with. i can't go back and say all that i've done in the past few days but i can say that i'm still committed to 30 days of biking and i'm enjoying every minute of the challenge. speaking of challenges i even gave up coffee and i signed up for yoga and gardening classes. i'm trying to find my balance, it's been a challenging transition from sf to oakland but i'm making efforts in getting more involved with my local community and i'm finding that they're are worth it. 

did i miss anything with you guys? i'm making efforts today to go through my emails to get back to comments etc and find out what you all have been up to. can't wait to share with you some exciting events!

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