bike basket notes

18 May, 2011

yesterday while running errands i got this cute little note in my bike basket. it's so sweet to receive notes like these, they truly put a smile on my face. lot's of people ask me how i can handle riding my bike without worrying about my hair or clothes, rarely do i have an explanation, cause honestly, i just like to dress up a lot, kind of like when i was little, i would go through my moms closet and wear her dresses and shoes (the secretary 70's outfits of course) since, that kind of stuck with me like my bike did. i love my bike and my clothes, they make a great match!
CrystaL* said...

This is so sweet! I love little notes too and I will soon have a new vintage bike to call my own!
I love your blog by the way. Makes me inspired to ride around town all day long.
Hope your having a sweet day.
Much Love,

cb said...

yay bike rider love! the mister left me a little note the other day at bart and it made my heart sing!


Anonymous said...

cute words :) I want to make more of an effort in dressing up too, but our weather makes it harder... with I lived in SF! :D xoxo

Anonymous said...

sorry, mean to say "wish I lived in SF"... too early in the morning here ;) x

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