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bike to work day recap

16 May, 2011

happy monday kids, it's back to the grind but i can't stop thinking about all the great fun i had this past weekend! so much to share. first off, bike to work day was a major success. even mayor ed lee rode his bike to work! my bike partner in crime above did some volunteer work for the sfbc at the energizer station at embarcadero where i went to visit her before we left off to the bike from work party. lot's of new friends and fun was made but i can't remember a bike to work day where i've seen SO many bikes around the city. it makes a huge difference when your city cares for the safety of its citizens on the road. so glad we have our city reps supporting the bike community. if your more interested in the details of bike to work day you can read more here:  On Bike to Work Day, Electeds Unite in Support of Future Bikeways.

how was your bike to work day?
Srsly Liz said...

I have been riding to work a lot lately! It feels awesome. You look super cute by the way; love the yellow :)

Brandi said...

So happy that it was a success! I can't help but smile when I see all the bikers riding down Market St :)

cb said...

i wish i had gotten up earlier! next time i know i will for sure!

glad you had a great experience, yay!


happyd said...

Our bike to work day in Toronto is coming up at the end of the month but I don't know if we have anything as cute as your Bike to Work day totes available here!!

I love those bags!

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