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10 May, 2011

Recently I had the lovely opportunity to meet Nona Varnado at Push Bike SF for her trunk show featuring gorgeous pieces of women's cycling apparel. Nona is extremely talented and active in her community in New York, collaborating with various bike organizations and shops to provide a community for women who ride bikes. For bike month, Nona had worked hard to provide a ladies program for bike month with bike rides, fun d.i.y. tutorials to help you learn how to fix your bike, movies, and shows to help women fall back in love with their bikes and community. 

Along with bike months activities, she has release a woman's online cycling community called the bird wheel: The Bird Wheel is a group of passionate women cyclists who share a focus on cycling, from building world class custom frames, fashionable cycling apparel, local bike shops, to public policy advocates that make cycling safer for everyone. This is a story of simplicity and passion between two beautiful creatures. These women aim to reach beyond cycle chic and present inspiring stories, useful reviews of female specific products and moments of bike zen to sharing the things you love.

I don't know about many of you ladies but I'm inspired by her activism to bring women cyclist and community together through rides and through a website. I've always wanted to organize a ladies ride but since school rules most of my time I have yet to get on that wheel. Perhaps during summer? 

I'm learning that sometimes you have to take action to make communities happen, you have to reach out and although some people might not reach back, you'll always find others who will. Perhaps what we ladies need to do is start organizing our own events and make some noise with our bike bells in the streets to say that we are here to ride.

cb said...

wow how exciting! i have seen her stuff before and it is pretty cool!
thanks for sharing the bird wheel site!


Dottie said...

Cool. I'm all about organizing and participating in women-exclusive bike events. I think they really help bring out women who are new to cycling, who would otherwise not be comfortable attending regular bike events.

citygirlrides said...

@dottie, I love that you do that. perhaps you could give me some tips on organizing rides for ladies. I have ideas just need to start planning them.

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