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happy friday and summer vacay!

27 May, 2011

happy friday and summer vacation! yippy! after a grueling week of finishing my last finals finally have some real time to relax, play with my dog, go on long fun rides, and have a social life. from here on i only have a month till Paris! eek! i'll be spending most of my time working out those details and a ladies group ride before i go. this weekend is packed with fun events, just look below! i'll definitely be riding around the city playing in the sun. hope you all  have a great weekend and start to a lovely summer vacation (if youre a student)! 
Simply Bike said...

Enjoy your summer and your time before Paris! I can't wait for your France posts, it will be fun to travel along with you through the site :)

cb said...

yay!! you did it!! and eek one month!! you are going to LOVE paris, such a beautiful city!!

see you this friday at the bike party!


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