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National Bike Month

02 May, 2011

happy monday friends! did you know that May is national bike month? it's a very exciting and busy month for the bay area in regards to raising awareness about bicycling and planning fun events for those who commute on two wheels. the whole point is to get people out of there cars and commute by bike for the month of May,  it's a challenge but it does a whole lot for your health, the environment and your pockets. there are so many ways to participate and challenge yourself and your company to be part of this movement. below is a small list of some of the great rides and fun events that you can take part in and have some fun.

Thu May 12th Bike To Work Day
Fri May 13th East Bay Bike Party
Join Team Bike Challenge & Company Bike Challenge get your co-workers to ride in to work for the month of May.

will anyone be taking up there bikes to work this month? if your interested i have some great commute tips on planning your ride from last year... Bike to Work Commuting Tips. happy bike commuting!
cb said...

yaya bike month, the BEST month EVER! unbiased though as it is my birthday and soooo awesome that it coincides with bike month!!


nio said...

bike parteeeey! thanks for posting CGR! =D

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a lot of fun events planned on the west coast. In NY, not sure if it is nationwide, May 20th is bike to work day. I need to read your commuter tips!

citygirlrides said...

@cb, it's bike party all month for you lady!

@nio, you're welcome!

@inspiredcyclist, hope you find the commuter tips treating you well. you guys should get some bike partying started up in NY, i'm sure hundreds of people would love it.

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