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on bike theft

25 May, 2011

yesterday while i was taking my final at school (of all places), some "smart" guy decided to try to steal my wendy. how do i know? once i took off the u-locks and pulled her away from the rack i noticed she wasn't moving properly. her wheel was crooked, the breaks where rubbing tightly against the wheel, and it was difficult to move. i looked down at my front wheel and noticed that my quick release levers where undone and one side of the wheel was out of its dropouts. i wasn't too happy about this of course, i wasn't prepared as i only lived a few minutes away, and i was only in class for thirty minutes. this wasn't what i was expecting to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation.
yet, i don't think they realized how smart i was about locking my bike. i was taught that it's always a good idea to lock your wheels within the triangle of your frame with the rack. make sure to lock it tightly that way it ensures they don't have any space to break the wheel or lock. this is how i was lucky, as i'm sure they were having a difficult time trying to undo everything and finding they couldn't.
many bicycles become stolen because they weren't properly locked. to ensure that your bike does not go missing, i strongly suggest investing in a quality u-lock. when locking your bike don't just go locking up your frame to a post or rack, that makes it easy for thieves to break the lock and take your pride and joy. also if you have quick release wheels, make sure to lock those babies within your frame. i started carry two u-locks to secure my front and back wheel with my frame to ensure there is no chance of either one being taken. when i first started locking my bike this way it was a little difficult but you'll learn with more practice. 

hope this helps you in learning how to secure your joy.
may my experience teach you to keep your bike safe and properly locked.
CrystaL* said...

I am so sorry something tried to steel your Wendy! At least they didn't succeed. I had my dream bike stolen and I can't find a replace her. I hope you have a wonderful summer with many joyous bike rides.
Much Love,

P.S. I took a bikeride this past weekend if you want to check out some photos. http://www.thehouseofhearts.com/2011/05/a-magical-bike-ride/

cb said...

oh so glad they didn't get wendy!!!! i would have been so sad for you! yea people at bart have tried to do that to me but i had a HUGE chain that i could chain both my wheels and frame to the post. they make quick releases that you have to have a tool to use to take them off but it kinda defeats the purpose for the bike user but makes it harder for people to steal it but you should ALWAYS lock your bike up properly! thanks for posting about this!


Diana said...

i remember you tweeting this, how horrible. karma, baby.

citygirlrides said...

@crystal, i'm so sorry for your lost. i hope you find your dream bike again.

@cb, lady, this was just around the building from where my class was. i'm so glad i was smart about locking it up.

@diana, yes, karma shall be my revenge.

Ridonkulus said...

i have a vintage bike with new QR wheels too. i would never think someone would wat to steal it! i use the lock and cable set up, but i find it hard sometimes to lock the frame and wheel and rack together because of its small size. maybe i'll have to bite the bullet and use 2 locks!

misterfong said...

Glad you got her back! I'm a firm believer in the locking wheel skewers (OnGuard) and replaced all my QR with them. I still lock using your method just to be sure, though (front wheel + frame, not double lock). The locking tool doubles as a bottle opener too ;)

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