riding through summer

31 May, 2011

summer is here! i couldn't be more happy as i look forward to my days slowing down. there are so many things i want to do but first things first, go for a bike ride. this coming sunday i'm already making plans for a ride along the bay trail in the east bay, i've been wanting to ride it since i moved to oakland but haven't had the chance! if anyone's got some great places i should see along the way please share them. i also planned my summer around reading books that have been waiting to be cracked open, eating at restaurants on my to go eat list, watching movies that i've been que-ing up on netflix, sleeping in, planning Paris vacation, and practicing French. i think my summer is officially going to be a great one. 

what are your summer plans?
Pedro dos Santos said...

Going to Spain, and a lot of beach plans... :)

kim said...

Stop at Quinn's Lighthouse (on Embarcadero in Oakland between Jack London and the Park St Bridge) for a beer / lunch. Go upstairs where you can throw peanut shells on the floor. And if it is nice and sunny you can sit on the deck overlooking the estuary! Let's hope for good weather! I rode my bike to work today and now it is raining outside :(

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