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adventures: east baytrail recap

09 June, 2011

yesterday, with my heart set on adventuring through the east baytrail, i set out, explored, and wandered through 25 miles of scenery. i printed out my map, brought some water/snacks/gear, made sure Charlotte was in traveling condition, and set out on the trail. the preparations and journey itself is always a story, and needless to say that i did get a little lost and ran into a flat, yet, i found my way back onto the trail just fine. at first, it was confusing taking directions from google maps but i understand why (confusing secret pathways), that's where gps came through. the journey to the trail was not as scenic as seen above, lots of industrial buildings, some stinky lakes, and rough gravel but once i got to the actual scenic route it was smooth from there. arriving at my destination was quiet, luscious with greenery, scattered with sail boats, playful dogs, and grass grounds to picnic and relax on. above all else, it just felt good to get out and discover some pretty awesome scenery under the sun. the ride home was faster than the ride there but after knowing my way i felt confident enough to tackle the road back on my own. returning sun kissed and tired was definitely a worthwhile journey to experience.

as from what i understand, the SF Baytrail runs about 500 miles of bike and shared trails throughout the entire bay area, sf, north, east, and south. there are signs to lead you the way and plenty of beautiful scenery to give you inspiration. if you're interested in riding the trail check out The San Francisco Baytrail website on routes. and if you're more interested on how to set out for a long bike journey you can also check out my post on d.i.y. bike touring. enjoy!

cb said...

yay! it looks so pretty! yea google can be really weird sometimes...the mister uses it alot to go on new bike rides and he often gets lost. he bought a compass and that has helped alot!


Anonymous said...

looks like it was a wonderful day for a ride. You have inspired me to tune up my twin schwinn and take her for a spin soon. xo

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