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29 June, 2011

there are a few spots in sf that i will miss terribly when i'm away, all of which i discovered on bicycle of course. for example, there's a tiny spot along the embarcadero that looks out into the bay that i like to sit and wonder in amusement, drinking coffee, eating a pastry, and people watching. i like to call it my secret spot, it's really my favorite place to be alone and dream, beside an empty movie theater. i have a lot of memories that i like keep that make me love this place. of course, there are the nagging seagulls, the scary pirate looking bums, and the funky smell of the sea but i guess what i'm getting to is that SF has been like a dream that has made many more dreams come true. if living here has taught me anything it's perseverance and to make life beautiful in my own way. just like cycling, although there may be a few flat tires, bumps on the road, a few honks, and some pretty close calls with cars, i never give up pedaling because the journey on the road is the experience that matters most than the destination. i myself make that journey a beautiful experience by looking at it with a positive perspective. 

going to Paris will be just that. although i will be alone, i will have a clear mind, my own eyes, and a pair of wheels to create new memories and dreams. Paris has been a dream of mine for years and i'm happy to say that i'm making it happen. it's been a long haul to get where i'm at but it's a beautiful life i have and i'm so happy to share it with you all on bicycle. it's true what they say, good things come to those who wait.  

if you would like to receive post cards from me while i'm away in France, please email me your address at 
Brandi said...

Since my office is close to the Ferry building and Bay bridge I often spend my lunch by the water reading/people watching/thinking. Such a wonderful place to enjoy the city :)

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