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modesto tweed ride

16 June, 2011

modesto tweed ride
i would like to present to you a little piece of what used to be home. i'm not talking about my childhood home, compton, but another home, modesto, where i spent my high school years. modesto had their first tweed ride this past weekend and i got a little glimpse from a friend Tawny who is the designer of Armour sans Anguish. when i heard modesto was having a tweed ride, i jumped for joy and had wished to go, only because it was exciting to see something grow from a place that i had fond memories of. i remember riding my bike to and fro through quiet dainty streets and loving every moment of it. i lived downtown, so everything was always enchanting me with it's antique houses and buildings. that's where i fell in love with riding bicycles and that's where all my adventures began.

organizing a group ride is very easy, if you wish to start a tweed ride check out this website on

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