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riding summerlands

23 June, 2011

today was a gorgeous day for a ride through oakland/montclair hills today! as fun and gorgeous it was for a scenic ride, it was also a challenge. since wendy returned home, i haven't taken an uphill route for a while and found it hard to do so without taking breaks to catch my breath in this summer heat but i did it! on my route, i biked up to montclair, around lake temescal and up tunnel road, to skyline, down snake, around joaquin miller road, redwood road, and back to oakland. by the time i returned to oakland i was wiped out by the ride and the sun, but there's nothing that ice cream couldn't fix after such a ride but i think i'll go back this weekend and maybe jump into the lake to cool off.

on mapping my ride yesterday, i found a great site that features the bay area's local bike routes for both scenic and commuting routes. i was so enamored with it i thought you all could use it for your next great adventure on the road, Bike Map,  happy bike mapping!
cb said...

sounds like a great ride! we will have to try this new website out! as google is a bit weird still!

happy riding!


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