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simply cycling

16 June, 2011

one of the things I love about  cycling is its simplicity. sure, i ride my bike everyday for fun, errands, commuting, exercise, and relaxing. yet, it's so much more when it's just you, the wind blowing across your face, your legs pedaling, and the two wheels spinning beneath you. cycling gives you a chance to unwind, a chance to explore, a chance to take in the world around you. cycling is not hard, nor is it dangerous, nor do you need to know everything there is about cycling. it is only as demanding as you want it to be. and of course, there are some concerns you might have to have to take into account. they are, however, mostly secondary. it doesn't matter what kind of gear you have, what kind of clothes you wear, or what kind of bike you ride. cheap, expensive, new, old. it doesn't matter, it's all great. what matters, is the journey you take in that brief moment in time, where it’s just you and the road.
Anonymous said...

I love your post. I love the bicycle, and I love to see blogs with a purpose... like yours. Here is a link to a recent post of mine along the same topic. We think alike.



jesse.anne.o said...

I wish in NYC that there was less traffic - I feel like my neighborhood is "okay" but certain streets are very challenging from a cars, parked trucks and pedestrians en masse perspective. It does make me miss the suburbs where you have much much less traffic and I would have felt more comfortable street-riding sooner. (I'm still not comfortable, entirely.)

cb said...

well said lady! well said! riding is a break from the insanity life can bring sometimes...and truly a simple pleasure in life you can't get any other way!

Trudy said...

beautiful post. I really liked what you wrote.

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