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Spare the Air Bay Area

21 June, 2011

The SF Bay Area has been extremely warm for the past couple of days. O don't think it's actually normal for us here as most June-july days greet us with rolling fog and occasional sunshine visits. literally though, you can walk through downtown sf and actually feel the heat radiating from buildings, cars, and overall environment, it's disgusting but such is the effect on high density populations right? i don't mean to get all environmental justice on ya'll but please do mother earth a favor by sparing the air today. make an adventurous day of it. the bay area actually has a Spare The Air Alert in effect today, June 21st. if you're wondering how you can spare the air here are some tips.

Take transit
the Bay Area has many transit options from Muni, Bart, AC Transit, to Caltrain, use them and you will save gas, money and stress.

Walk or ride

walking or riding a bike to commute or run errands saves gas and money AND improves your health too!

Link your trips

Group your errands. you'll save gas and time by eliminating extra trips.

Stay steady

Minimize pedal and break changes with a steady speedometer and improve gas mileage by 33 percent on the highway!

Select safe products

use non-toxic, non-aerosol cleaning and beauty products to improve indoor air quality and your health.

Power down

reducing electricity use saves money and the environment. use energy-efficient bulbs and powerstrips for appliances and electronics. turn them off when you're not using them.

Buy Local

the shorter the trip to get to you, the less gas it requires.
tell your friends, spare the air! 
Brandi said...

I'm doing my part by walking to work and taking Bart home and of as always buying my food at Rainbow :)

TC said...

Everyone can use this reminder occasionally. Our apartment was almost too hot for living when we got home from work last night! We kept all the lights off to enjoy these longest days of the year. This morning I went around an unplugged a bunch of stuff, and think I'll do another outlet audit when I get home.


citygirlrides said...

you girls are exemplary! it's been so hot in sf i really don't think i can handle it much longer.

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