summer time

22 June, 2011

first day of summer = quiet mornings + rides to my favorite local Cafe 504 in Oakland + loading on some Blue Bottle iced coffee for a warm day = life is good. 

how do you spend your summer mornings?
Pedro dos Santos said...

summer mornings!!!with hot coffee, no ice coffee... going to Paris?Ask for espresso ;)... small coffee

cb said...

got up, dresses, made some green tea and had a scrambled egg with cheese and kale tortilla breakfast with the mister...i love my new job that i am able to share my mornings with him!! and the sun is out and i can ride in a skirt and is blissful!


Julie said...

I love that the iced coffee came in a mug! Cute.

I spend my week-day mornings sleeping until the last possible minute with not a moment to spare on the way to work. (5min. for bike outfit pics in Central Park is worked into my commute time :)

happyd said...

Me too - I think that mug is lovely!!

Summer mornings include fresh fruit, snuggles with my dogs and the 'nets!

Happy Summer!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh delish! It's still too cold and rainy here for iced coffee! I am jealous :D send over some SF sun!! x

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