wendy and i

20 June, 2011

my Wendy is home and back on the road. i did a post recently how she was almost stolen as i was taking my last final at school. although not much damage or items where stolen, i had to order new parts and take her in for a quick checkup and now she's perfect again! i missed her so much. i'm grateful to have two bikes but Wendy is my first bicycle love. i mean, we've been through accidents, long trips, events, and other adventures that i just couldn't imagine bicycle lifestyle without her. neither could i imagine my life without Homespun Bikes, they take such care of my girl, thank you Ami and Jessie!

p.s. do you see that mad tan line on my forearm? my badge of honor in summer riding, yeah!
cb said...

yay wendy is back! i still need to make my way over to homespun!


Pedro dos Santos said...

HEHE I have the same mad tan line :P... That it is from riding my Déjà Vú...i love your blog...

citygirlrides said...

@cb, do it soon, they are sort of discussing it's fate at the moment.

@pedro, you gotta show me your tan line!

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