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birthday boating in the bois de vincennes

28 July, 2011

yesterdays festivities was one of the greatest adventures i had in paris so far. my friend christine and i had been planning this trip out to Vincennes for some time but it's been raining nonstop. since it was my birthday we decided to make it a day picnicking, boating, and hiking around 3.8 miles of beautiful scenery and landmarks, rain or not. from my experience, i can understand why Kings and Monet got away from Paris and came to Vincennes for inspiration and hunting. you can literally spend a whole day walking through the Bois de Vincenne's to escape bustling Paris. it may have drizzled a bit while we boated but it made the whole experience even more enchanting. christine and i also think this is were Eric took Arial when he "kissed the girl",  the scenery was just like the movie and they were French no? well, i think if anyone comes to Paris, Bois de Vincennes is definitely a  lovely day trip away from the city. after the festivites in Vincennes, i returned home to cake and champagne and made it an easy evening, t'was perfect.

oh, and thank you all for your warm birthday wishes as well. they came in handy.
cb said...

what a wonderful place to spend your birthday! a perfect day! so glad you had fun sweetie!


georgie said...

that looks a perfect birthday treat :-D

Anonymous said...

oh that is beautiful. what a gorgeous way to spend a birthday. i love the boat!

emma wallace said...

Ooh! Such gorgeous pics!

that kate said...

Happy birthday. Looks like a lovely way to spend it. Just seen your blog through our.city.lights and I'm really enjoying your adventures in Paris.

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