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bon anniversaire velib!

15 July, 2011

happy friday everyone! also, it's Velib's 4 year birthday today ! Bon Anniversaire! 
riding through Paris is a madhouse but it is so much fun! i'm finally getting comfortable with the city that i'm beginning to develop "My Paris," you know, the favorite streets, neighborhoods, cafes, hangout spots, and shopping streets that we all love to go to in our own cities? well, i will show you "my Paris" soon. i cannot tell you how wonderful it is navigating my way through cobblestone streets and little alleyways to find my way around, at least i know i can always find a Velib bike. there are many roads to take to get to one place but as long as you find yourself around the Seine River, you'll always find your way or just take a break to get Berthillion ice cream on Ile Saint Louis. this weekend should be really fun as i'm taking a day trip outside Paris to Provins, a medieval town of France. i'm hoping they have Velib there that way i can ride around and enjoy the scenery.

anyone else have some exciting weekend plans? 
bon weekend!
Mark Basil said...

I <3 you, girl!

Pedro dos Santos said...

Yeah you went to the Ice Cream were i lived on Ile Saint Louis :) best in Paris :)...Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

how lovely! what a beautiful adventure. love reading your posts. thank you for sharing. it's about as close as i get to travelling overseas (for now anyway) i dream of the day i can do such things ♥ have a great weekend!

Neus said...

It seems perfect to me! Have fun, enjoy Paris! Does it like to be in Amelie film? Have a wonderful weekends!

Anonymous said...

Hi is my first time here, so lovely! :)

cb said...

oh it all sounds so magical! paris by bike sounds like the only way to go! next time i go to paris, it will be by two wheels only! can't wait to see your paris!


miss brooklyn snapshots said...

Be careful with your bike? The Parisians haven't discipline. I had accidents with my bike when I lived there. It is worse since velib' because the new cycling people don't pay attention to the others. But enjoy Paris, it is the best way…

citygirlrides said...

thanks for all your support guys!

@missbrooklynsnapshots, it's a little frightening riding sometimes but i definitely love riding here. i'll be sure to keep the others in mind, xoxo.

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