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AT Champ Elysees TDF

25 July, 2011

Bonjour monday! I hope many of you had a grand weekend either pedaling away or watching the Tour de France. noticeably, many of you already knew where I was at, Champ Elysees in Paris of course! My friend Christine and I had the honor of being able to get front row seats at the race, which we patiently waited for. the crowd wasn't bad and neither was the view. I had been dreaming of being able to watch this race for a while and I finally got to do so live, it was pure bliss! All the racers were just amazing, as i'm sure they were exhausted from the rides, they performed magnificently. While standing in the crowds you could see homeland flags and supporters cheering and showing their support as racers speed by. In the end, Cadel took first and took the prize home. Above are some snapshots I took at the race, it was hard to do so because they ride so fast creating gusts of wind as they speed by. It was magical! and this is the most fun i've had for a TDF race! and i'm sure you can see why.
xavierc said...

What a fantastic Tour! I'm so jealous you were on the Champs-Élysées. Bianca (Goodnightlittlespoon) and I are planning on following the tour one year for the whole three weeks

citygirlrides said...

that would be epically amazing if you do! i would love to join you if time permits!


i also enjoyed the last summer riding .

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xavierc said...

Oh oui! That would be swell! I think it'd be très fun. I wonder how many French people I can offend with my terrible usage of French words in my sentences :)

calitexican said...

oh wow!! this is so cooooooool! hope you had great adventures in paris, and the city by the bay awaits your return.

much love,

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