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joyeux 14th juillet!

14 July, 2011

for all the time that i have lived in san franisco, i have alway celebrated bastille day, whether it be having a french dinner, dancing to bardot, watching amelie for the millionth time, or partying with the french expats in san francisco. i think my francophilia has payed off now since i actually am able to celebrate while i'm in france. paris is filled with decorations and people for bastille day celebrations and i'm learning alot about the french's pride in egalite, liberte, and fraternite. it is written everywhere from the monuments to the colors they wear. they don't wait to start those fireworks early either, i got a quick preview of the show that's to come alive in paris today!
i am very excited to be here to celebrate and i hope wherever you are, you are celebrating too.

happy bastille day!
Little Tree Vintage said...

enjoy it!! sounds great!

miss brooklyn snapshots said...

Enjoy, don't miss the fireworks at Mademoiselle Eiffel, say hello to her for me. Did you go and dance to the Fireman ball?

Brandi said...

How wonderful, hope you have a wonderful time!

citygirlrides said...

@missbrooklynsnapshots, i did not go but i did go to the parade this morning on champs elysees. was very exciting. i spent the rest of my day at the louvre since it was free and had a lovely evening dinner with friends. it's not how we spend independence day back in america. celebrations are more easy going around here and i like it. i do find though that the politics of egalite are very tricky here which is why the parisians don't go all out for bastille day.

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