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lovers bridge

08 July, 2011

happy friday tout le monde! i guess we can finally say that i've completed week one of my Paris adventures and it's going by really fast. here's a little something i wanted to share with you all that makes my trip in Paris extremely romantique. above is a photo taken on the Pont des Arts bridge next to Notre Dame. it's called lovers bridge, i read about it online before and was excited to see it in person. it truly is an entire bridge filled with padlocks that lovers from around the world come to fasten, symbolizing their eternal love in Paris. Paris is very romantic and if you're not in love with someone while you're here, you"re at least in love with Paris. 
if that doesn't make you melt and ooze with awes, then i hope you all have a wonderful weekend that will make you do so. till then, a bientot!
minicute said...

Hi there! I am a fellow female urban cyclist in San Francisco and was looking to connect with other female urban cyclists in the area. I did a google search and found your blog- nice blog! Was wondering if you ladies meet at the events like Bike Party, etc? Please tell me more about your group.



citygirlrides said...

we'll although i don't particularly have a riding group, i'm always willing to meet up with fellow female cyclists to ride with during events such as the monthly sf bike party and other events. if you would like to hang out during an event i would love to ride with you. i return in august so stay in touch and i'll make sure to connect with you then.

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