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26 July, 2011

i don't know what it is about paris but i have a major sweet tooth here. everymorning i'm hitting up the boulangerie to get a tartelette framboise, macaron, pain au chocolat, or eclaire. you know what's even better? that i don't feel an ounce guilty about consuming something sweet with a meal, i savor every bite, and maybe order another one to take home for later. don't these make you drool? seriously guys, if there is anything i love about this place it's the pleasure of eating food. taking it slow, savoring every flavor, and experiencing something spectacular that nurtures the soul. making you drool yet? i'll miss this about paris the most.
SDiB said...

Oh YUM. Making my breakfast look hideously dull. Can't wait to visit paris again this Summer, going to binge on beautiful sweet things.


Rhi xx

Brandi said...

Great now I will be craving sweets all day :)

Anonymous said...

i am having my morning tea and it doesn't compare. wow...i really need to get myself to paris, even if it is just for those pastries :) no really, your posts are making me save as many extra pennies as i can!

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