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10 July, 2011

happy sunday, which complete's one whole week of my paris adventures, three more weeks to go! i'm having such a lovely time here meeting new friends and exploring everything that paris has to give me. i'm not quite done exploring although i've seen so much but Paris is never ending! here are just a few photos i've taken on instagram while walking through this beautiful city. i've gotten completely lost a few times but i've found some pretty wonderful treasures from doing so, for example, i never knew about Ile Saint Louis till i was told about Berthillion sorbet, which is by far the BEST sorbet in the world! not only does Ile Saint Louis hold the greatest sorbet but it is one of the oldest, or ancient, areas of Paris, beholding the Notre Dame across from it along with ancient buildings, delightful patisseries, and shops. it truly is a treasure find. 

well, without further ado, i don't want to keep you all from enjoying your sunday, sot till then, a bientot!
miss brooklyn snapshots said...

i know of what you are really talking about. My favorite sorbet is "fraises des bois" (wild strawberries or strawberries from the woods), so yummy.

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