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06 July, 2011

bonjour de Paris!
yesterday i set sail to my adventures through Paris. my first stroll was along Blvd. Saint Germain where once i exited the Metro i was greeted by one of the oldest churches in Paris, Eglis St. Germain. next to the church was the famous cafe Les Deux Magots where Jean Paul Satre and Simone de Beauvoir occasionally met. i continued to walk along till i found 60 rue de Seine, where Simone de Beauvoir lived. as i continued my tour along toward the Seine river i found la Musee d'Orsay which is locally known as the best museum in Paris. just across the bridge you can find the Louvre with the glass pyramid centered and surrounded by tourist resting and picnicking along the fountain. in the center of the Louvre you can find Jardin des Tuileries which i found very charming with cafe's, fountains and the famous Louvre Carousel to the right. up ahead you begin to find more with the Place de la Concorde, Place Vendome etc. just as i continued to walk along the Seine i finally saw the Eiffel tower greeting me with a loud "Bonjour." i hurried to finally see it for myself. it was busy with tourist, vendors, and locals who enjoyed themselves under the sun. 

Paris is a magical place. everywhere i turn there is always something to catch me. i'm never bored, never too much in a hurry from being afraid i might miss out on something. although i still feel jet lagged and nervous about language barriers i find myself pretty much comfortable in Paris. ordering espresso at the cafe and buying groceries has become pretty easy. getting to know the Metro is still a challenge but i have plenty of time to learn. currently i'm re-reading Hemingway's "A Moveable Feast" and for the first time i can actually understand the pictures of Paris and his experience he paints in the novel. it feels pretty surreal walking in the streets that some of my favorite writers wrote about.

i still have yet to get a bicycle but my roommates and i are currently working on that. i'm having a great time walking through Paris but my legs are beginning to have pedal withdrawals. hopefully soon, but till then, enjoy the photos of Paris.
a bientot!
Anonymous said...

Hey lovely! So great to hear you're having a brill time! How long are you in Paris for? Enjoy everything it has to offer :D I love Paris, it's a city I am never bored to visit. L xoxo

amy said...

So happy to see that you're having suc an amazing time! I hope one day to visit too :>

Eli said...

sooooo amazing! I really envy you (in the nicest way possible). Go strolling alone Rue St. Honore too! One of my favorite things was hanging out at the Pont des Artes where people just hang out on the weekend evenings, or the Musee Pompidou! Will you have time to travel the rest of the continent?!

citygirlrides said...

@naturallycyclingmanchester, i'll be in Paris till august so i actually have a bit much of time to explore Paris. loving every moment of it.

@amy, you will love Paris. you need to get here whenever you get a chance.

@eli, thank you for the recommendations. i hope to explore a bit more of France and perhaps Italy. i'm kind of on a tight budget so we'll see eventually.

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