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07 July, 2011

yesterdays stroll through St. Germain to Notre Dame lead me into some exciting places to visit and see. when eating lunch at Notre Dame i got to thinking about how much i love discovering Paris. Paris never let's you feel lonely if youre a solo traveler, you always have places to explore and people to meet. Paris never let's you down! the photo above was taken on the Left Bank of Notre Dame just across the street where Shakespeare and Co. is. when i began to reflect on my days discoveries i started thinking about how much i actually love Paris and here's why...

1. the smell of Paris. with so many boulangerie's the air smells of fresh baked bread and butter, really.
2. the Seine. this river runs throughout the entire city connecting you to historical landmarks and quatiers. the bridges in themselves are beautiful giving you some of the most breathtaking views of Paris.
3. around every corner there is always something to discover. really, the streets of Paris are plenty in wonderful things to encounter. you could spend a whole day just walking through a quatier and not be fully satisfied. it's as Hemingway says "there is never an end in Paris."
4. the people. people always told me the French are rude, i think Americans are rude at home so i guess we can all agree that there are rude people everywhere. Paris has been good to me in the sense the people are warm and welcoming as long as you are polite and excuse yourself for lacking skills in French. as long as they see you try they will do there best to help you.
5.  beauty everywhere. seriously, i like to think of Paris as a woman's city. from the city design, language, architecture, and fashion, Paris is very feminine. it's beautiful and cultivates a sense of femininity that makes you feel incredibly woman, at least for me.

until next time, a bientot!

by the picture city seems to be old :)

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Neus said...

Ohhh I love your blog and I love to ride! Very original and interesting! Have fun in Paris!!

cb said...

oh i just love paris! i love the old fountains and yes the smell to is so great! fresh bread..yum! hope you get to hop aboard a train! that is such a GREAT experience!

glad you are having a blast girl!


Valentine said...

What you wrote about Paris and your feeling is really nice!
I love reading how tourists feel about this city :)
That's extremely interesting.


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