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tour de france pre party!

23 July, 2011

how many of you are stoked about Tour de France? I AM! i've been keeping up on those awesome live blogs and sitting in cafe's watching the race while hanging around Paris. and you know what? i'm also going to be on Champ Elysees where the race finishes in Paris. i know, awesome right?! earlier today, i went to Champ Elysees to watch today's race then walked around to witness the spirit of TDF. today's race was pretty hardcore, my favorite so far, and you could just feel the excitement around you. also, there were so many spandex babes riding on Champ Elysees, like if they won the race already. don't you just wish you could be here to see it all? well, to get your spirits up about the race and what Paris is like the day before the final race, i give you the above photos of the spirit of Le Tour de France. 
btw, like my swag? i'm totally wearing it right now.
cb said...

that is going to be so much fun to see the finish! we have been keeping up too and watching whenever we can since we don't have tv.i love your t-shirt, so so cool!!


emma wallace said...

So jealous you're in Paris to watch the Tour de France! How fun and exciting.

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