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velo velo velo!

12 July, 2011

i'm back on velo! did i tell you how amazing it feels to actually be able to ride a bike again? i'm sure you know how wonderful it feels but it's also a little scary riding through some busy parts of paris. today, going into the city was a bit insane, so many one ways and little side streets. usually i try to detour out of the busy roads and find myself in nowherelands but getting lost has now become a point on my adventures. how else does one discover new things?! today i found place edith piaf and was very excited to spend most of the day riding through small streets and buying post cards and souvenirs to send some of you! now all i need is bike trip out to the country which is booked! can't wait to share more velo stories in paris with you all.
SuperKat said...

Bike trip in Paris sounds DIVINE!!! I hope to bike outside the US soon, it'll be amazing! Can;t wait to read about it!

great shot btw :)

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