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happy friday & bay area events

12 August, 2011

happy weekend everyone! i'm looking forward to getting out in the glorious sunshine we've been having and riding all over this city. thank you all for your responses in this weeks posts on helmets and the "slow bike movement," i thought them stimulating and loved how everyone shared a little about their experiences and thoughts on the subjects, i think everyone is valuable to the wave of bicycle culture in a unique way.
i found that yesterday's post on "hold your bike" seemed to sync with posts from various sources such as Mia Birk's - "The Big Idea-Stop and Stay Stopped" on MomentumPlanet.com and Streetsblog San Francisco's - "Pedestrian Hit by Cyclist..." all holding a common thought: “I feel like we’re at a tipping point and that we have reached Critical Mass with bikes, and with power comes responsibility"- Stampe. responsibility is definitely something to take into account whenever we set out into our communities on two wheels, we must always be looking out for each other's safety and respecting the fact that we all must share the road.

so with that said, i hope this encourages you a little further to connect with in your community. there are many wonderful events going on here in the bay area and i hope to see some of you out there, don't be shy and come say hi!

August 12, Meet up at MacArthur BART at 7:30pm
August 14, From 11am – 4pm, Tenderloin/Civic Center

have a happy weekend!
Bianca J said...

Probably the weirdest compliment ever but - nice cycling legs lady! :D

Dave Feucht said...

Happy Friday! Great outfit!

Homebird said...

I've recently found your blog and love it. Your photos are fab!

Sam x

Anonymous said...

another gorgeous photo. have a lovely cycling weekend.

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