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i heart you, bicycle

08 August, 2011

happy monday! now that i'm back in san francisco it's time to rock out on riding my bike because wendy and i have been separated from each other for too long. if bikes can be besties then wendy is definitely my bestie. i just don't see how any other bike would do, she's my girl. i guess that's why people say riding a bike is theraputic, cool because it saves me money from having to go to therapy and talking to a complete stranger when wendy knows what's up. she's been through these steep hills, she knows the push and pull through the bay winds, and knows how to move with me as i dodge a few car doors. i almost forgot how fun riding in san francisco is! i definitely know my body has but we'll work on that. there are so many places i'm dying to ride to, like the dahlia exhibition at Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, across the Golden Gate Bridge up to Sausalito for taco's!! the list goes on but one thing i love returning to is feeling that fog on my face when riding, god i've missed you san francisco.
Sara Bell said...

Aw, I love your red bike and your red flats! You're adorable!
I can't wait to see where all you end up. =]

Brandi said...

I can't wait to get my new bike so I can experience SF in a new way.

cb said...

i'm sure wendy is super happy to have you back :) you look so beautiful with straight hair <3

chestnutmocha said...


Stevie Leigh said...

Love this idea! What a great blog!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photo. can't wait to read more adventures now you are back home. ps: love your red shoes!

Dave Feucht said...

I love those foggy, misty days in Portland as well - we have days in the autumn when it gets so foggy in the mornings that you can't even see the river from the bridges going over it. Oh man... the best thing about the summer for me, honestly, is that it makes me so excited for the autumn (well, that and all the fresh berries and other fruits and veggies) :)

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